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Marine disaster looms for Namuga

19 June 2019
The sunken vessel MV Takana. [Photo: Natalyn Kaisifa]

THE marine ecological system in Star Harbour will be highly polluted and destroyed if nothing is done to remove the sunken MV Takana from Namuga in East Makira last week.

The $3 million dollar un-seaworthy ship was laid to rest in the once beautiful Star Harbour.

MV Takana a scrap metal look alike ship was purchased by the former Member of Parliament for East Makira constituency Alfred Ghiro in 2014 sank a week ago in Namuga.

The ship was berthed in Namuga since it experienced mechanical problem and also it cannot service the people of East Makira because it does not meet the marine requirements.

Namuga people that witnessed the incident said this will be a big disaster to their health and environment if responsible authorities are reluctant of removing the ship from the bottom of the sea.

“The sunken ship still has oil and other leaking chemical substance that will do greater harm to our mangroves, environment and the whole marine ecosystem.

“The ballast water if it still presents in the ship will pose a real threat to Namuga and Star Harbour marine ecosystem,” an environmentalist told this paper.

Meanwhile, it was confirmed that a team was sent to Namuga last week to assess the situation.

Makira Provincial Supervising Health Director John Selwyn Harara spoke to Solomon Star from Kirakira confirmed that the team which comprised of Environmentalists, Health and Fisheries Officers were in Namuga last week.

“Yes the team was sent and done their assessment and today (yesterday) we will meet in Kirakira to make a report based on their assessment,” he said.

Harara also confirmed to this paper that there was a gas (chemical) present in that ship and it’s very dangerous for the environment and the people living around the wreckage site.

“Hopefully we can act as soon as possible before the gas is leaking now,” he said.

He added that after their meeting they will advice the National Disaster Management Office (NDMO) to send down their team to Namuga.

“We need to do this very quickly because there could be some very dangerous elements that will pose great threat to the people and the environment there,” Harara further added.