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21 June 2019
Rence Sore

Sore may get new role in city council



A NEW post will be created within the Honiara City Council Office to accommodate an adviser to the city mayor, sources have disclosed.

And they say controversial high-profile former public servant and political appointee Rence Sore will be given this new post.

Sore has been seen calling into the council office over the past days. Early this week, someone posted a photo of him with city mayor Wilson Mamae inside the office.

When contacted, Honiara City Clerk Charles Kelly refused to comment on the issue.

But according to our source, this new post will be an economic burden to the council.

“Where is the budget for this new position? And who authorised Sore to come in as adviser to the mayor?

 “Are we not duplicating the current role of the City Clerk?” the source questioned.

The source said the City Clerk is the only person who is legally bound to advice the mayor.

The Solomon Star also checked with the Ministry of Home Affairs, which looks after the council, and they said they are aware of what is going on within HCC.

An official said the ministry does not have any position on the new post.

 “The prerogative to appoint advisers is an internal issue forthe City Clerk, Mayor and his executive,” the officer said.

Meanwhile, another source who is well versed with the current situation, said only the councillors have the authority to approve the creation of the adviser’s post.

The Solomon Star was told most of the old and returning councillors still want to see the current City Clerk continue in that role.