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Bus drivers warned

23 June 2019

Commissioner of the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) Matthew Varley appeals to drivers of public buses to use bus stops merely to drop and pick up passengers and not to spend too long at the bus stops causing traffic jams in the centre of Honiara City.

Commissioner Varley explains: “The bus stops are provided for the buses to stop not to cause a danger to other moving vehicles using the road.”

“We need the cooperation of bus drivers especially at the Honiara Central Market bus stop to ensure the movement of vehicles is not interrupted as it is happening at the present time.

“This is because buses are spending too long at the bus stop. Some bus drivers are even parking at the bus stop and getting out of their vehicles. This is not on.

“The drivers are only supposed to be stopping long enough to drop and pick up passengers. If there are no passengers to board the bus, the driver should move along,” Commissioner Varley emphasises.

“We also need the same cooperation from vehicle drivers’ market users of Fishing Village in East Honiara not to park you vehicles in a dangerous position that prevent good flow of vehicles using the roads to ensure our roads are safe.”

Commissioner Varley says,

“My officers at the Kukum Traffic Centre in Honiara and other officers in Honiara always tried their best to ensure flow of traffic is managed and our roads are safe, but we need the support of the public to continue remind vehicle drivers to follow road safety measures.”

A total of twenty five cases have been recorded by the Kukum Traffic Centre in East Honiara during the period 7 – 17 June 2019 in Honiara City alone including:

• Nine cases for using unlicensed motor vehicles;

• Fine for careless driving;

• Three for permitting unlicensed motor vehicles;

• Two for dangerous parking; and

• One each for driving without a valid driver’s licenses, driving without a driver’s license, using unlicensed motor cycle, using uninsured motor cycle, protective head gear and vehicles to be licensed.

For the total of 25 cases, the drivers of 23 cases have been arrested and facing 23 charges. They have been bailed to appear before the Honiara Central Magistrates Court at a later date. Two cases are still being investigated before any arrests can be made.

“From the figures, it is very important that I continue to remind vehicle drivers and owners to ensure their vehicles have valid licenses before travelling on the roads. Vehicles drivers must always drive carefully with regard to other road users to avoid crashing another vehicle, so to avoid unnecessary incidents,” says Commissioner Varley.

It is also important that drivers park or stop their vehicles at a place that is safe and not obstructing other road users.


- Police Media