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25 June 2019

MEMBERS of Parliament (MPs) in the 11th House have been warned against the manipulation of the Rural Constituency Development Fund (RCDF).

The warning was issued by the newly elected MP for Marovo Constituency, Chachabule Amoi.

Mr Amoi said that most officials are more interested in manipulation of the RCDF than focusing on their role as policy makers.

He added he had learnt that many MPs were focusing much when it comes to RCDF issues than taking about policy which should be their job as Members.

“On my first day at the round house, I found out that most MPs have shown interest in the RCDF rather than showing their interest to their duty as policy makers.

“MPs must know their role as policy makers and should have a mindset of addressing the national and international interests of this country,” he said.

Mr Amoi moved on to state that MPs shouldn't be acting as financial officers but should focus on how they should work on laws that best suits Solomon islands developments.

He further affirmed that he will try as much as possible to stop MPs from manipulating the RCDF as long as he is still in the round house.




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