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Kwarea CHS hosts cultural event

26 June 2019
Young students putting on their cultural item.

Kwarea Community High School (CHS) in Malaita Province successfully hosts its fifth school cultural day under the theme ‘Culture Revitalization.’

The school is situated in the border of Fataleka and West Kwara'ae. The school first hosted the event back in 2015.

Kwarea CHS pupils last Thursday put on another great show as they danced, sang and celebrated another milestone in the school's efforts in bringing back the indigenous culture of Malaita alive.

The school since 2015 have successfully hosted five cultural events over the past five years with five different themes.

Cultural groups from Kakara Community High School and Madalua Community High School also joined Kwarea CHS for the cultural event.

The event started at around 10 in the morning and ended late in the afternoon.

Hundreds of parents, guardians, and members of the public turned up in numbers to witness the cultural day unfold in front of their very eyes for the fifth time this year.

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