WE LOST A LEADER - Solomon Star News


10 July 2019
The late Charles Maefai during one of his talks to his East Makira Constituents in Honiara recently.

THE country has lost one of its national leaders who was called to rest last night.

Newly elected Member of Parliament (MP) for East Makira Constituency Charles Jordan Maefai died at the National Referral Hospital (NRH) after being admitted more than a week ago.

Reports reaching the paper said Mr Maefai was rushed to the hospital and was in a state of coma until his passing.  

Late Maefai was elected into Parliament for the first time during the April 3rd National General Election early this year.

He was a Government back bencher.

He was an accountant by profession. Since graduating from his studies he spent some years working for the Solomon Star before venturing into his private business. 

Late Maefai comes from Kilusakwalo village in Malaita, Santa Ana Island and Star Harbour in Makira Provinces.

The news of his passing has shocked many of his constituents, family members, relatives, friends, colleague MPs and those who have come to know him.

Many have gone online to express their sympathy and condolences to the family and relatives of late Maefai.

Details of his funeral and burial will be announced soon.