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MV Takana spills oil

11 July 2019

SUNKEN MV Takana continues to spill oil all over the coast of Star Habour, East Makira.

Reports and pictures supplied to the Solomon Star alleged the oil spill from the abandoned vessel that sunk last month at Star Harbour is now spilling hazardous oil to the environment.

Some pictures provided shows coral reefs covered with brownish colour of thick oil leakage from the vessel.

Director of Solomon Islands Maritime Authority (SIMA) Jonah Mitau told the Solomon Star earlier that they will investigate the wreck and see if any danger associated with the environment.

But yesterday Mitau told the Solomon Star that SIMA is yet to visit MV Takana due to commitment on Rennell oil spill disaster.

He said their officers are yet to complete a full report on the Rennell oil spill, therefore would not able to investigate MV Takana.

He said hopefully they would able to complete their report on Rennell next week and may have time to visit MV Takana, if the oil spill there truly occurs.

The constituency vessel was left abandoned by out going Member of Parliament (MP) for East Makira Alfred Ghiro and remain floating there until it drifted and overturned in the coastal waters.