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Cruz ward youths help maintain road

12 July 2019
Cruz Ward 4 youths doing road maintenance work.

YOUTHS of Cruz Ward 4 in Honiara on Thursday repaired part of Mbokona road along the Girl Guide area as part of their community work.

Speaking to the Solomon Star Councilor for Cruz ward Dorah Huapii Irofia revealed the Mbokona road condition is in a very poor condition given the potholes.

“As a mother and Councillor for Cruz ward, I usually travel on this road and its uncomfortable when traveling in a vehicle, so I said to myself its best to do something to at least fix the road,” she said.

Ms Irofia said while waiting for proper arrangement from responsible authorities to upgrade the road she had engaged youths within the ward to do some road maintenance by filling up the potholes near the Girl Guide area.

“Working together is really a good thing because it will lead us to what we all wanted to be good law abiding citizens of Solomon Islands,” she expressed.

A visit by the paper yesterday saw most of the youths enjoying themselves working together while fixing the road.

Roland Paikai who was part of the road maintenance group said he was very excited to be part of the youths to fill up the potholes on that section of the road.

“Some of us are high school students while others are not, but engaging the youths in a project like this will help the youths to get busy and support the community,” Paikai expressed.

He said the youths should be engaged more often to maintain the road and support the community.