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New textbooks for provincial schools

12 July 2019
A student of Komukama Primary school poses with the cartons of textbooks.


VARIOUS schools in east Guadalcanal have received their share of new donated textbooks by the Australia and New Zealand governments last week.

The textbook assistance which is currently underway in Guadalcanal will reach other schools in the provinces, thanks to the Australia Aid and New Zealand Foreign Affairs &Trade department.

Ministry of Education & Human Resources Development (MEHRD) has contracted Anolpha Transports & Logistics Company to do the deliveries in Guadalcanal for three months. 

Speaking to the Solomon Star during the delivery, team leader Mr Nikki Maemae said this is a big task that will be done within the time frame issued by the ministry.

He said they will be doing the delivery to all schools in the provinces which the current delivery task is still underway in Guadalcanal.

Last Thursday, this paper was part of the delivery to some schools within the GPPOL 1-3 vicinity.

Upon receiving their shares, head teachers, class teachers, school chairman and other school heads did acknowledge the kind assistance from the donors.

Chairman of Ao Primary School, Mr David Varley said the text book delivery was timely because the school is running out of textbooks.

He acknowledges the donors of the textbook for the free books issued to their remote schools in the highlands of Guadalcanal. 

“I would like to thank the SIG and Australia and New Zealand donors for giving the textbooks to our school.

“No words can describe the offer, but big thanks to you all,” he said.

Head Teacher of Kolona Primary, Ms Marily Taghanepari has expressed her gratitude to the donors.

“These books will improve our students as we continue to support them in class,” she said.

Moreover, Komukana Primary School’s class teacher, Ms Rita Tato said the school is really in great need for new books and she lauds the timely assistance.

She said the school faced shortages of textbooks and having the new ones is a blessing to them.

The class teacher said they never expected such big donation from those that teamed up for the good cause.

“The text book will be a face lift for the learning of our kids.

“Since we have experienced book shortages, the donation of the books are timely,” she said.

Meanwhile, the Anolpha Transport and Logistic team would like to inform all school principals’ and Headmasters to be at their schools on time, before the delivery team did the delivery.