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Wale wants police to probe bribery claim

12 July 2019
MPA for Mugihenua Ward, Dori Tuhaika (Left) with Lence Tango and Eric Saueha.

OPPOSITION leader Opposition Matthew Wale has commended Dori Tuhaika for taking the bold stance to report the alleged bribe offered to him by the Manager of Bintan Mining Company Ltd.  

He also urged the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) to ensure that the allegations are investigated and appropriate actions taken.

The Opposition leader made these call after it was reported in the media that the Manager of Bintan Mining offered $200,000 and a vehicle to the newly elected Provincial Member of the Rennell and Bellona Assembly for Ward 6 Dori Tuhaika. 

“These are serious allegations especially when they implicate a foreign company trying to influence local politics,” Wale said. 

“The Penal Code criminalizes the offering or receiving of bribes hence it is incumbent on the Police to deal with such allegations to ensure that the rule of law is upheld at all times,” he added.

 “I am sure Bintan have their side of the story which may be different from what is alleged but given the allegations had been made public, it is important that they be investigated fully.

 “Regardless of the outcome of the investigations, the allegations reminds both leaders and private citizens that this country has suffered enough from corrupt practices and that if things have to change for the better, we need to be work together to eradicate this evil from our society.”  

He then urges leaders in general and resource owners to be careful when dealing with foreign investors who may have vested interests in our natural resources and other properties.

Bintan has issued a statement denying its manager offered a bribe to Tuhaika.