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Police probe fatal road accident

18 July 2019

POLICE say they are investigating a fatal road accident which happened in the early morning of Sunday 14 July at the Rove intersection along Tandai Highway in West Honiara, resulting in the death of a 30-year-old male pedestrian.

The man, who was allegedly driving the hilux vehicle involved in the accident, underwent a random breath test at the scene of the incident and recorded a blood alcohol level above the legal limit. 

“Traffic and Forensics officers attended to the scene of the accident,” says Superintendent Fred Satu, Director of the RSIPF Traffic Department.

“The victim of the accident was admitted at the National Referral Hospital in Honiara but later died in the evening of 14 July 2019,” Satu added.

“Our deepest condolences to the members of the family and relatives of the victim at this tragic loss of one of their members.”

Superintendent Satu explains: “My officers led by Staff Sergeant George Mauli were able to bring members of the families of the suspect and the victim together and agreed not to resort to any violence but allow the law to take its cause. 

“For this I am grateful to relatives of the victim and the suspect as well as the effort of my own officers.

“Police are now continuing with its investigations into this fatal accident and the appropriate charges will be laid against the suspect.”

Satu appeals to all drivers and vehicle owners to heed the message that the police continues to preach and that is, don’t drink and drive because it can be fatal.

He also urged other road users including pedestrians to take all precautions while using our roads especially in parts of the road that are dark and there are no lights. 

“Let us work together to reduce the number of fatalities on our roads.”

- Police Media