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PM calls and takes lead for national unity

19 July 2019
The Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare and staff of the OPMC saluting the National flag as they sang the country’s National Anthem early this week. [Photo: OPMC]


Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare (MP) has taken lead together with staff of the Office of the Prime Minister and Cabinet (OPMC) to reinstate the practice of honouring the country’s National Anthem and raising of the National flag this week following their daily morning devotion.

During his speech at Lawson Tama at the commemoration of the country’s 41st anniversary early this month, the Prime Minister has reminded all Solomon Islanders of the solemn duty to uphold and protect the country, its people and natural resources. 

He further stated that as a Christian country, the first duty of the people is to God and following that, is to uphold and abide by National Constitution and respect its ideals, values and institutions.

“We must respect and honour our National Flag and the National Anthem,” he reiterated.

Mr Sogavare stated that our National Constitution, National Flag and National Anthem are the embodiment of national unity. 

“They are the bedrock upon which this country is built, and it will continue to motivate and inspire us as we move forward in unity to build a stronger nation,” he said.

The Prime Minister further calls on every ministry, schools and provincial governments to follow suit. 

The Democratic Coaliton Government for Advancement (DGCA) is fully committed to the delivery of ongoing and prospective policy priorities in the interests of national unity and stability, lasting peace and economic advancement.