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Call for Auki market security to step up

22 July 2019

Auki Central Market security have been urged to step up their duty after number of drunkards was seeing consuming home-brew (Kwaso) at the market vicinity over the weekend.

Complaints reaching the Solomon Star Auki claimed that drunkards usually take advantage of weak security at the the market by using the market car park as a bar.

Information received claimed that this was not the first time drunkards were spotted around the Auki Central Market area.

Such behavior did not go down well with the market vendors and buyers who use the market sell and buy food.

Some members of the public told this paper that they did not want to see intoxicated people having good time at a wrong place and disturbing innocent people who are there at the market to buy and sell.

Auki Market Security were advised to check vehicles packing at the Auki Market packing area from time to time to see if the vehicles are there for the right purpose.

Auki police were also asked to patrol Auki Market area and check nearby roadside market stalls for Kwaso where they said some of the roadside stalls are main suppliers of Kwaso to Auki town. 

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