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Councillor welcomes new health centre

31 July 2019
Vura Ward Councillor Reginald Ngati.

CITY councillor for Vura Ward Reginald Ngati has thanked the Australian people and government for funding the new Naha Birth and Urban Health Center.

“As the Councillor representing the Naha communities, on behalf of my people and the City residence, I would like to thank the Australian Government through DFAT for the gift during the 40th Independence anniversary to the people of Solomon Island, especially here in Honiara,” Ngati said

“On the same note, I would also like to thank the Solomon Island Government, through the Ministry of Health and Medical Services to see Naha Clinic as a suitable site to build the Birth and Urban Health Center,” he added.

“I really appreciate this significant service as it goes in line with one of the Government’s objective to provide better health services to our people.”

Cr. Ngati said he has established committee structures within his ward and they are now organized to render support towards any infrastructure development by the Government or Honiara City Council within the Vura ward.

He further assured the Government and the Ministry of Health that Naha communities within his ward are ready to take full responsibility to support the process of the construction without any interference, and to ensure materials on the site are safe.

Ngati also call upon the Ministry of Health to consider providing other services such as dental and other basic health services to clinics within Honiara City, to assist the National Referral Hospital.

The Ground breaking of the Naha Birth and Urban Health Center have already been done, and the construction of the building is underway.