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Japan hands over new classroom to Turarana

01 August 2019
Students in front of the new classroom building handed over by the Government of Japan to the Turarana Community.

TURARANA Community High School at Vuloloward, Central Guadalcanal, has received a new brand two-storey building with six classrooms, Wednesday.

The project was funded by the Japanese Government through its Grassroots & Human Security Project (GHSP) at a cost of $562,724.

Grant contract for the project was signed on 29 January 2019 and yesterday, Japanese Ambassador Shigeru Toyama travelled to the school to hand the building over to the school and community.

Toyama said the project aims to improve education services infrastructure with the focus on basic education in Solomon Islands.

He said the assistance was to strengthen basic infrastructure in education sector such as construction of schools, staff houses for teachers or dormitory for students, which are priorities of the grassroots and human security scheme.

“On behalf of the Government and people of Japan, I hereby officially announce that the project has been handed over to Turarana Community High School,” Toyama declared when handing over the building yesterday.

“From now and on, Turarana students including newly enrolled for forms four & five students will have better and safe learning environment in the new classroom building and it will encourage the students to study more and pursue their dreams,” he added.

The ambassador praised the tireless work of the community and the strong leadership of the school principal Francis Kaekesa in handling the project properly from the beginning to completion.

Toyama also expressed his thanks to the contractor and community for the hard work to complete the project.

He encourages Turarana students to take care of the classroom building for them and the benefit for their little brothers and sisters in the future.

“Now this classroom building is yours.

“Please remember that from now, you have started to take care of your own classrooms so that the building will benefit your little brothers, sisters and many generation of Turarana community.”

School principal Francis Kaekesa said the project will be forever treasured and remembered by the students, Turarana community and the catchment communities that benefit,and will benefit from it.

He said the project was the first of its kind for the school and community.

Kaekesa also thanked the Wind-Wind and Gold Ridge Mining companies for supporting the Turarana community during the construction phase of the project.

Chief Education Officer of Guadalcanal Province Misack Suia urged students, staff and Vulolo Ward communities to take good care of the project.

He said this is a gift from the Government and people of Japan and it comes as Guadalcanal Province marks its Second Appointed Day this week.

Suia added Japan has no incomplete projects on Guadalcanal.

“All projects funded by Japan in Guadalcanal are always completed and handed over to the beneficiary communities.

 “Therefore, I want to thank the Government and people of Japan for their genuine support,” he said.