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Govt on water issue

01 August 2019
Minister of Mines and Energy Bradley Tovosia.

THE Government is taking steps to address the water crisis affecting Honiara City.

The two Ministries - Mines and Energy along with Forestry are handling the issue, Parliament was told on Wednesday.

Leader of Opposition Matthew Wale on Wednesday asked Parliament about what actions the Government has taken to address the water crisis that has been affecting the city over the past weeks.

Minister of Mines and Energy Bradley Tovosia when answering the question said his Ministry is doing all its can to address the issue by working closely with relevant stakeholders.

He said one of the plans by the Government is to construct a water treatment plant at Lungga in East Honiara at a cost of $120 million to help solve the issue.

Minister of Forest Ishmael Avui while contributing to the answer said a suspension order has been issued to those involved in the operation within the catchment area of Kongulai.

He said all operations in the area has now been suspended.

He added his officers continue to visit the area to monitor the area to ensure that no operation is taking place.