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Suidani: water project important for township

01 August 2019
Malaita Provincial Premier Daniel Suidani speaking during the groundbreaking ceremony on Wednesday.

MALAITA premier Daniel Suidani says the Auki Water Supply Improvement Project is important for the township.

He was speaking at the project’s ground breaking ceremony on Wednesday.

“My government fully supports the project,” Suidani told Solomon Water’s acting chief executive officer Joe Sanga during the ceremony.

“This water project does not belong to Solomon Water alone, but belongs to all of us, who will receive and enjoy the benefits,” he added.

The premier said individuals and business alike in Auki have experienced their fair share of the struggle to access fresh water in the past.

“Whilst some improvements have been done, the problem of having access to fresh water has not been fully eased. 

“The existing water service that is available alone could not support the growing demand for water in Auki.

“So I wish to thank Solomon Water for planning to address the current demand and cater for future. 

"Solomon Water is playing an important role towards the development of Malaita Province and Solomon Islands as a nation.

"Access to fresh water and the need for it should not be the responsibility of Solomon Water alone.

"It requires collective support so we can together address this issue for the betterment of our people and business in Auki.

"As the Malaita Provincial slogan says ‘iumi tugether bildim Malaita’.

"My government will remain supportive of the development in this area that is now spearheaded by Solomon Water."

Premier Suidani also acknowledged that the land that the development will take place has some outstanding issues related to development encroachment that needs understanding and working together to amicably resolve it. 

He said whilst the province wants to see people develop themselves as individuals he added the legality of acquiring land and development must be satisfied. 

He assured Solomon Water of his government’s support towards the project.

“We will ensure the project go smoothly without any disturbances.” 

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