07 August 2019
The Honiara Magistrates Court.

Remanded for multiple false 


A MAN who tricked an elderly retired doctor and allegedly obtained close to $53,000 was arrested and remanded in custody, Tuesday.

Sam Ngedea, who faces 53 counts of false pretences was brought to the Honiara Magistrates’ Court yesterday late afternoon where he was remanded to reappear in court August 20.

One of the grounds submitted to the court for his (Ngedea) remand were of the threats made to the complainant for the last eight months.

Police said the complainant barely sleeps well with frequent nightmares that could led to a heart attack.

It was also revealed that this incident has left the complainant’s business bankrupt resulting in him leasing his property.

Prosecution alleged that the accused had set up an arrangement with a woman in early December 2018 to meet the complainant.

According to the allegation last December the woman who identified herself as Mary went to the complainant’s lodge to ask him for help.

She also allegedly told him that her husband has left her and that she only sells betel nut to survive.

Prosecution alleged that Mary asked the complainant to share her problem with him inside his room as she is uncomfortable talking outside.

It was alleged that she asked him for money to assist her to go home but the complainant said he does not have money and only rely on his children for support.

Mary then allegedly moved closer and touched the complainant’s thighs but the complainant told her he is blind and weak and for her not to waste her time.

Having insisted for money, the complainant gave her $150 and she left.

Few days later, pretending to be a George Ben, Ngedea contacted the complainant and accused him of trying to have sex with Mary, who he (Ngedea) claimed as his mother.

Prosecution alleged that Ngedea would call up the complainant and threatened him to pay up the compensation.

He would attend the complainant’s motel in Honiara on various dates between 3 December 2018 and 20 July 2019 to collect the money as form of compensation from the 78 year-old complainant.

Apart from collecting the money, he would also rent the rooms.

On different occasions, he allegedly used different names such as George Ben, John Lake and Peter.



Over a period of time, the accused collected a total of about $53,000 from the complainant that he claimed for compensation and settlement of the matter outside of court.

The accused also obtained money from the complainant to assist him travel to New Zealand and for boat repair and to meet funeral expenses.

It was alleged that the complainant has problems with his eye sight and therefore could not recognise the person when he used different names but recognises his voice.

It was over the weekend, the complainant finally gave up and decided to share his ordeal with a family member who later contacted police.

While police was interviewing the complaint Ngedea called again asking for money.

A plan was established where the complaint agreed to pay the amount.

It was when Ngedea turned up to collect the money when he was apprehended by police and was brought to Central Police for questioning and later arrested.

Public Prosecutor Patricia Tabepuda made the remand application before Magistrate Ishmael Kekou who granted it.

Ngedea is yet to have a lawyer.