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Bond Uni-Makira Ulawa partnership hailed

07 August 2019
Bond University [Photo:]

The Premier of Makira Ulawa Province Stanley Siapu has praised a partnership between the Australian Bond University and his province.

He said in Kira Kira, the provincial capital that his Government had endorsed the partnership and cooperation so the Bond University can help the province with its urban planning and structural design.

Premier Siapu adds the Urban Planning and Structural Design is on-top an existing Medical School arrangement between Bond University and Makira Ulawa Province.

He said currently Bond University students are helping the province to develop the Kira Kira and Huro local planning schemes and the Pawa provincial secondary school on Ugi Island with its master plan.

Meanwhile, Mr Siapu said the Bond University Faculty of Society and Architecture had taken part in designing the Kira Kira market.

The market is still to be fully developed but it is understood the design includes public toilets which are currently non-existent.

Mr Siapu said another component of the Bond University, the Law Faculty has also sent its law students to help the Public Solicitor’s Office in Kira Kira deal with legal issues, matters and interventions.

The law students reportedly have greatly helped dealing with a backlog of legal cases in the Kira Kira Magistrate’s Court.

Premier Siapu said on the national front, his executive committee has since taken up office, been visiting appropriate Ministries in Honiara in attempts to set up relationships that could pave the way forward in areas of interests to both the National and Provincial Governments.

Mr Siapu said these while addressing the 36th Anniversary of the Makira Ulawa Province’s Second Appointed Day celebrations on Friday August 2 in Kira Kira.

By George Atkin 
In Kira Kira,
Makira Ulawa Province