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Food policy to reach parliament soon

07 August 2019
The Participants of the Food and Nutrition Security and Planning Workshop that recently taking place at Mendana Hotel. [Photo: Lachlan Eddie]

THE Food and Nutrition Security Policy Framework is already completed and is ready to submit before Parliament.

Solomon Islands Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) Rep Rose Mary Kafa confirmed this during the opening of the Food and Nutrition Security planning workshop yesterday.

Mrs Kafa said work on the policy started several years back and now it is ready to reach Parliament.

“The policy has already been finalised and ready to be submitted before Parliament for its approval,” she said.

Mrs Kafa said the mission of the policy is achieving food and nutritious security in Solomon Islands through long term sustainable collaboration and engage with all people.

She added beside the policy, they also have the ‘Local Kaikai initiative’ which is a revised version from the 2013 frame work which was developed but never get through for parliament approval.    

“That framework is also under review and once it is completed will also awaits submission for Cabinet approval,” she said.

She said the mission statement for the ‘Local Kaikai initiative’ is to ensure that Solomon Islands is supported in terms of food and nutritious security.  

Mrs Kafa added the two comprehensive and strategic policies bring together multi-sectoral collaboration to address the spectrum of issues and challenges relating to a healthy, sustainable and nutritious food environment for the people of Solomon Islands. 

“Achieving the policy outcomes will also collectively address nutrition inequities in support of the Sustainable Development Goals and the United Nations Decade of Action on Nutrition,” she added.