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RSIPF farewells retired officer late Gwen Ratu 

07 August 2019
A female officer salutes while the casket is being carried out from the church.

Officers of the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) on Monday attended a funeral service for the retired officer late Gwen Ratu at the Good Shepherd Parish Anglican church in the Foxwood area, North Guadalcanal.

The late Gwen Ratu passed away in Honiara on 2 August 2019. She retired from the RSIPF in June 2018.

Presenting her eulogy during the funeral service Commissioner of Police Matthew Varley said; “I am humbled to stand here on behalf of the ranks and files of the RSIPF through Solomon Islands, to acknowledge the life and service of our colleague, friend and sister, the late (retired) Assistant Commissioner Gwen Ratu.

“Today we come together to honour and remember the fine woman, excellent police officer and distinguish leader that she was. She was a woman and a leader of values and courage. She was a pioneer and role model for women in policing. Her courage and determination carved a path that many RSIPF women, and men, aspire to follow,” explained Commissioner Varley.

Commissioner Varley added: “Sorrow fills our hearts this sad moment, a sorrow that is deep and personal. The late Gwen Ratu was well known and very highly respected and regarded by her colleagues and friends both here in the RSIPF and in many international police forces. She was respected by all who had worked with her over so many years.

“The late Gwen Ratu has the highest values as seen by all members of the RSIPF in what she had contributed to our organization and Solomon Islands as a whole, and not in what she received. 

“In one word the late Ratu was a woman who gave. She gave much to her work, to the development and advancement of the RSIPF to be a modern police force. That is why ladies and gentlemen as we gathered here to say goodbye to her, I would like to speak in celebration of her life. Her life demand notice, a life that exemplified brilliance, a life that inspired emulation, a life that lights the paths that others may follow,” she said.

Commissioner Varley said had known late Ratu since 2017 when she was Assistant Commissioner National Capital and Crime Prevention. 

“She was a strategic thinker. She was a visionary - brilliant, innovative and creative. She contributed much to the development of the RSIPF. She generously gave us her knowledge, expertise and skills.

“She was enlisted into Royal Solomon Islands Police (RSIPF) as a Police Recruit on 15 October 1984. Upon completion of her recruit training at the then Police Training School she graduated and was first posted to General Duties at Honiara City. 

“She retired from the RSIPF in June 2016 and then later was appointed on a two-year fixed-term appointment from June 2016 to June 2019. In total she had served the RSIPF, the Government and people of Solomon Islands for 34 years,” said Commissioner Varley. 

The Police chief said RSIPF highly value the contribution of the Late Gwen Ratu to the RSIPF and the people of Solomon Islands.  

The length of time she served in the RSIPF is not considered as a benchmark or yardstick for her contribution, he added.  

“But the fact to consider is that, Gwen Ratu sacrificed herself to serving the people of this country by enlisting into the RSIPF to protect life and property and to maintain law and order.

“I salute her for her service. She will be long remembered by members of the RSIPF and the many friends from the overseas he had served with,” said Commissioner Varley.

During her time in the RSIPF the late Ratu held several positions including Instructor in the Police Training School, Staff Officer to the Commissioner of Police, Officer Commanding Personnel Management (HR) and Assistant Commissioner of Police in all the portfolios within the RSIPF including National Capital and Crime Prevention.  

She also led investigations into several major criminal cases during her time in the RSIPF.

- Police Media



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