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In Court with Assumpta Buchanan

16 August 2019

Man to plea
New trial set for gold dealer
Talu still without lawyer

Man to plea

THE man accused of obtaining $10,000 from Solomon Islands National University (SINU) students under false pretences will take his plea on August 22.

Junior Wane will be entering his pleas to the five counts of false pretences.

Police Prosecution had informed the court on a last court date that they will be laying another 14 charges of false pretence.

The matter was adjourned to yesterday for police to finalise and lay those additional charges.

That however, did not happen as investigators are still working on that.

Wane’s lawyer Lazarus Waroka of Public Solicitor’s Office was not available in court on Wednesday as well.

As a result, Wane will only plea to the charges before the court on the next court date.

Wane will take his pleas to the additional charges when they are laid at a later date.

He is being accused of obtaining $2,000 each from five SINU students after he lied to them.

Police alleged that Wane lied to the students that he has privileges at the National Training Unit (NTU).

In one of the offences, he allegedly claimed to be a lawyer and his father is an employee of NTU who had privileges to enrol students for government scholarships and sponsorship.

It is alleged that by these false pretences, he obtained money from the students.


New trial set for gold dealer

THE gold dealer accused of diverting more than $400,000 worth of money and properties from his buyers will go through a new trial in October.

Michael Bosa, who faces eight counts of conversion, will appear in court today for an interim mention.

His trial dates that were fixed at a previous court appearance will start on October 28 through to November 6.

This would be a second trial conducted into Bosa’s case.

The first trial was conducted in 2015.

Prosecution at that time completed its case and the defence case which already started is however yet to be completed.

The hearing was conducted before the former Deputy Chief Magistrate Shepherd Lapo.

However, since Lapo has since retired, a fresh trial will be conducted on this matter before Principal Magistrate Fatima Taeburi.

Bosa was accused of converting more than $400,000 intended to buy gold for two expats.

Three of the conversion charges against Bosa which totalled up to $160, 000 and an Apple Ipod worth $25,000 relates to the first Complainant Anthony David Coleman whom is a New Zealander.

He is the owner and managing director of New Zealand Gold Merchant operating in New Zealand.

The remaining charges involving more than $260,000 plus three laptops, a nitric acid, two scales, a loupe, mortice and a 500 GB HDD worth at 9,600 is in relation to the second Complainant Clinton Cain from Australia who owns the Solomon Island Gold Pty Ltd. 

Bosa is being represented by Public Solicitor’s lawyer Bobby Harunari while Police Prosecutor John Palmer is prosecuting.


Talu still without lawyer

THE former Correctional Service officer, facing multiple fraud charges relating to more than 100,000, is still facing issues with his legal representation.

Don Lisi Talu faces 12 counts of forgery and 10 counts of false pretence.

Sarah Karani of Public Solicitor’s Office who last represented Talu had withdrawn her legal representation. 

This was after Talu abscond bail which resulted in a warrant of arrest issued for him in 2017 when he stopped attended court.

He was finally located and re-arrested in March this year where he was remanded in custody.

Since Ms Karani withdrew her legal service, Talu has been left without a lawyer.

The PSO were asked to allocate a lawyer for Talu on previous occasions but he seems to be appearing without a lawyer.

Talu’s matter will be mention again in court today, where the PSO will confirm if a lawyer is now allocated for him.

Talu is accused of allegations between 15 December 2014 and 23 January 2015.

He allegedly committed the offences when he works as a correctional officer for the Correctional Service of Solomon Islands.

Prosecution alleged Talu allegedly got hold of two Bank of South Pacific (BSP) cheques which he claimed to have found at a Vura 1 home in Honiara.

Prosecution alleged the two cheques were already signed with the name of the Complainant on it.                    

Police alleged that without returning the two cheques to the Complainant, Talu on 16 December 2014 and 17 December wrote the date and amount on it and cashed it at the BSP.    

He allegedly continued to withdraw money from the Complainant’s bank account by forging his signature and name.  

Public Prosecutor Margaret Suifa’asia is appearing for the Crown.