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Suidani on dependency of existing social services

16 August 2019
Premier Daniel Suidani delivering his speech during Malaita Province's 2nd Appointed Day celebrations.

Malaita province cannot continue to depend of existing social services says Malaita Provincial Premier Daniel Suidani.

He was speaking at the province’s Second Appointed Day celebration on Thursday in Auki.

“Being the most populated province in Solomon Islands Malaita cannot continue to depend on the existing social services,” he said.

Premier Suidani said the infrastructure and social services Malaitans being enjoyed today will no longer cater for the population of Malaita Province in the near future.

He said this put more emphasis on the current provincial government to be strategic in the development approaches it takes as the government in serving its people.

"Our level of dependence on the national government and donor assistance should be only be seen on short term.

"As the province we must take the lead in building ourselves through the local economy.

"It is time we chart the way forward for Malaita Province,” he said.

He said the MARA Government's focus will be on the agriculture and fisheries where he said this will be the two sectors MARA government will focus on to promote rural advancement and community resilience.

In Auki