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PM: NSS will ensure our citizens are safe

21 August 2019
PM Sogavare delivering his keynote address the open the National Security Summit at the FFA in Honiara, Tuesday.

PRIME Minister Manasseh Sogavare has highlighted that the priority of the National Security Strategy (NSS) is to ensure our citizens are protected.  

The Prime Minister acknowledged that internally, Solomon Islands have multiple security issues. 

Therefore, he said the NSS provides a united platform for our Law Enforcement Agencies to address these security issues collectively.   

“Border security management is a very important priority for Solomon Islands.  Our country is a nation made up of many small islands,” he said.

The Prime Minister highlighted that Solomon Islands share five common Maritime Borders with our neighbours, namely, Papua New Guinea, Australia, Fiji, Vanuatu and New Caledonia.  

“We currently have two international seaport borders, two international airport borders and our airspace borders.  

“The complexity of these borders has already increased. 

“We face the daunting task of managing our borders with our very limited capabilities,” he said.

Prime Minister Sogavare further highlighted that our maritime borders remain porous as we are vulnerable to illegal activities occurring along the borders. 

“We face potential challenges including in areas such as drug trafficking, human trafficking, small arm movements, border incursions, resource exploitation, IUU fishing and many more. 

“Furthermore, the challenges faced at the borders are compounded by globalization,” the Prime Minister said. 

Moreover, the Prime Minister said the advent of increased technological advances and other sophisticated developments bring new challenges for our Law Enforcement Agencies.  

“It is frightening to see that in today’s security environment, crimes can now be committed without even crossing national borders. 

“We must be prepared to face these new type of cyber-security threats. 

“As such, the new NSS provides a platform for us to be engaged on this new front,” he said.  

The Prime Minister also highlighted that the draft NSS has five key pillars namely Sovereignty, Government, Economy, People and Society, and Environment.  

He said these are the five building blocks for the National Security Strategy.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister said he is greatly encouraged by the level of enthusiasm and commitment shown by leaders towards this process. 

“You could not ask for a better response. Our togetherness and collective determination in the formulation and implementation of this Strategy is crucial.  

“Let us start anew and seek a new future – a future that we can all shape together. 

“A future that brings long-lasting and enduring peace and prosperity for generations to come,” he said.

- PM Press Secretariat