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Councillor launches community clean-up effort

21 August 2019

COUNCILOR for ward 9 in Honiara Robert Oge is taking the lead through a community clean-up initiative.

Mr Oge said the activity is part of their community obligation as members of the community but also part of the initiative he was preaching during his campaign trail leading up to the election.  

He said the idea is to educate communities on the importance of cleaning the environment and to actually practising it.

“We want to encourage our people and especially youths to do such work and not to expect other people to tell us especially when we see there’s a need to do something.   

“This is also part of the build up to what I have been campaigning on since running for the Honiara City Council Elections this year,” he said.

Oge said he has already mentioned the plan to have Mbua Vale as a model by making it clean with some beatification added on to it.

“We are planning to set up the ward 9 as a model ward and we want to start with Mbua Vale by doing landscaping and beautification around Mbua Vale entity and its households,” he said.

He added the initiative will also award some of the best and clean homes within the ward.

“But for a start we want to help the Honiara City Council and other groups involving in waste management to help clean our communities for the safety purposes like cutting down of bigger trees and also to avoid diseases,” he said.

Oge said currently they are providing empty drums as bins along the roads to help households and families disposed their rubbish and not to throw them in the drains or along the road. 

He then urged the ward 9 communities to be responsible and respect what has been done and to ensure make good use of the bins and treat the ward nine as home and to keep it clean.