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Wale: MSG failed West Papua

06 September 2019
Opposition Leader Mathew Wale speaking during the launch of free West Papua campaign on Thursday. [Photo: Lachlan Eddie]

THE Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG) has miserably failed its members and the Melanesian people of West Papua who are fighting for their freedom.

That’s the view of Opposition leader Mathew Wale.

Wale joined a local gathering of West Papuan supporters in Honiara yesterday to call for the liberation of West Papuans from Indonesian rule.

The gathering came at the back of the violent protests staged in Papua and West Papua, which have escalated in recent days.

“MSG was established to serve the needs of Melanesian countries,” Wale stated.

“But it has failed its members, including the Melanesians of West Papua,” he told a crowd of West Papuan supporters.

He said MSG has a duty to collaborate and dialogue with Indonesia for an independence referendum to be conducted in West Papua.

He added the current violent protests in Papua calls for an independence referendum.