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16 September 2019
The bipartisan Task Force chairman Moffat Fugui respond to a question during the Talk Back show.

China’s sponsorship on standby 


Beijing is ready to provide full scholarship for local students studying in Taiwan if Solomon Islands switch ties to China.

Chairman of the Bartisan Task Force Moffat Fugui uttered the statement during a talk-back show via the national broadcaster organised by the Task Force yesterday.

The talk-back show discussed the issue related to the China/Taiwan switch.

He said during the Task Force visit to Beijing, one of the issues raised related to the current students of more than 96 currently studying in Taiwan. 

“When we visited Beijing we also take note of our current students in Taiwan and Beijing has assured that if the diplomatic switch is made, surely they are ready to transfer the students from Taiwan to China with their full scholarship requirements,” he said

Fugui said firstly Beijing has assured the Task Force that as soon as the switch is made, they will immediately switch or transit those students to China.

“Secondly, they will allow the students to make their own choice of which University they want and that they will be placed accordingly and thirdly, when they are switched, they will be provided with full scholarship,” he added.

He said the full sponsorship will include every necessary requirement for the students to be able to do his or her studies in those respective universities.

Whether the assurance is acceptable to those students or their parents, Fugui said he wants to assure them that the Government will handle those issues if it makes the switch.

“I want to assure parents and students in Taiwan that the government will take control of the issue as it is not a new thing to the government as they have been taking care of scholarships for many years,” he said.

Attempts to get official comments are being sought from the Taiwan Embassy in Honiara on the issue but an insider has earlier stated that once a switch is made, their Embassy in Honiara will have to be dismantled immediately and they will have to leave the country on the spot without any further delay.

This paper was also informed that once a switch is made it will also affect all the ongoing arrangements between the two countries in terms of existing cooperation, arrangements and assistance.

One of the biggests upset that will result from a possible switch will be the funding of the 2023 Pacific Games National stadium which Taiwan has already committed to provide.