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Plans to relocate Gizo Correctional Centre

16 September 2019

THE Western Provincial (WP) Government is assessing the possibility of relocating the Gizo Correctional Service and its residences to an alternative site.

The provincial Premier David Gina said this came after the area was struck by a devastating landslide that claimed one life, last week.

In an interview Premier Gina said the possibility of relocating the Correctional Prison Service in Gizo to another site is being assessed and will be announced as soon as findings have become public information.

Gina said the intended new site has not yet been confirmed as they are looking at their options in terms many factors required to not only build a new correctional facility but in servicing the facility as well.

In order to ensure a smooth transition as possible it would be sensible that any approved site should be one of government land.

When asked if the relocation of the prison facility to another site in Gizo is being considered, Gina said that available of government’s land in Gizo are either not large enough to accommodate such a facility or are a similar make up as the land structure of Gizo prison is currently on.   

He added that a similar situation is found in Noro Town when being considered but proved to not be possible due to the amount of land available and that of which is required to build such a facility.

“At this time the only location looking to be promising is one that is located on the island of Kolombangara but is yet to be confirmed.” 

Without revealing too much information before the official release of the assessment report Gina said the prospect site of relocation in Kolombangara has shown favorable attributes in favor of the initiative.

“As the land was used for agricultural purposes in the past it does have the land mass needed and is so far the most promising site at this time,” he said. 

With Gina’s Government policy of encouraging development through the reopening of currently closed airports throughout rural islands the possible boosting of the initiative with the relocation of the prison service in Gizo to Kolobangara may prove well.

Family members of Solomon Islands Correctional Service (SICS) in Gizo residing in the compound have yet to return.

Officers have been given the option of renting out as the official report of the incident has yet to be released.

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