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DSE backs call

16 September 2019

The Development Services Exchange (DSE) reiterates the call by the Foreign Relations Committee Chairman, Peter Kenilorea Junior for the Prime Minister to stick by his word in ensuring the Bipartisan task force report be given time for deliberation and feedback. 

In a statement last night DSE said the way they are seeing decisions taken by the country’s leaders is a clear testimony that they have a leadership that is already compromised with China.

“This to us signals that the journey our leaders are taking us on is now one that is hijacking our sovereignty,” the statement said.

DSE as the umbrella National NGO body representing Civil society organisations is calling on the national leaders and especially our Prime Minister, "Listen, Please do the right thing. Prolonging the time and thinking through thoroughly the Bipartisan report as well as our CSO members contributions to this issue to make important decisions on our diplomatic relations with other countries is in the best interest of the people.

“Our people are closely watching this situation. Such situation calls for strong leadership.

Critical Decisions about this nation and its future are decisions that must be inclusive and not that of a few leaders. Government must be transparent and explain the rationales behind its decisions if we are serious about development effectiveness.

“We are waiting for our turn to respond to the report. Please give us time to respond,” the statement said.

Meanwhile, the question of interest our leaders must answer is What are you going to do differently with public finance management if we are to switch allegiance to China or stay with Taiwan?

“We, Civil Society organisations which includes women, our marginalised people -elderly, People Living with Disabilities and  faith based organisations calls on our leaders to make decisions that upholds democratic and Godly principles,” the statement said.