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Civilians welcome ROC Minister

18 September 2019
Church groups, women and youths show their support for Taiwan at Henderson Airport when Taiwan Vice Foreign Minister arrived on Monday.

CIVILIANS turned out at the Honiara International Airport to welcome the Republic of China (Taiwan) Vice Minister Szu-Chien Hsu to assure him that they stand with Taiwan.

They were made up of Christians, women groups and parents of local students studying in Taiwan universities.

Hsu on his arrival told the people gathered at the airport that Taiwan will always be thankful for the friendship they have for 36 years.

“I am here in your country today to tell you that we have more big projects coming to help the people in Solomon Islands,” Hsu said.

Hsu further expressed his deepest appreciation for the people of Solomon Islands and also value the friendship.

But his announcement might come too late as the Sogavare led government were convened at the Caucus to vote for the switch or remain with Taiwan yesterday.

This paper understand that this will be a historical moment and Taiwan Embassy office here Honiara is working very hard to see its long time friend remain with them.

Meanwhile, spokesperson Ella Kauhue told the vice minister that their presence at the airport shows their support for Taiwan.

“This is affirmed the desire of the unheard populace of Solomon Islands to Taiwan to remain as a friend and a real friend indeed,” Kauhue told the minister yesterday.

This paper also understands that today might be the saddest day for Taiwan as the decision to sever ties with Taiwan was reached last night.

According to sources from the Prime Minister’s Office the unconstitutional Caucus have voted in favour of China.

Out of the 33 government MPs, 27 voted for China while 6 MPs abstain.