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Danny on diplomatic friends

19 September 2019

MEMBER of Parliament for Rendova -Tetepari Danny Philip calls on the world’s liberal democracies to negotiate an acceptable deal with China (PRC) on the Two-China question at the highest level so that Taiwan can be treated as an equal amongst the family of nations at the United Nations.

He made the call following the decision made by the government to switch to Mainland China.

His call was directed particular at the United States and permanent members of the UN Security Council.

"This will clear all the confusions the world is experiencing today with regards to the Strait question so that Solomon Islands can establish diplomatic relations with both China and Taiwan," Philip said.

He further added that this would inevitably mean that the 1971 UN Resolution 2758 would need to be reviewed and this in itself will not be an easy fix.

Philip said we have to accept the decision of the government of the day.

"The way our democracy works in Solomon Islands is that the Executive Government makes decisions on all matters of policy and not parliament.

"Notwithstanding parliament may make recommendations to the Executive, bearing in mind the constitutional principle of ‘Separation of Powers’, " he added

Philip said our government has made its decision on the question and that's what we must all respect. 

"Finally all things being equal and depending on how we fare with our new relationship with China, the only option available to Solomon Islands after all these is not to have diplomatic relation with both countries. 

"We will only be at peace on the day when both China and Taiwan become members of the United Nations Organisation again. 

"Until that day it is either China or Taiwan," Philip said.