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CSOs: rush to switch arrogant, undemocratic

19 September 2019

Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) describes the government actions on the switch from Taiwan to China as arrogant and undemocratic.

At a meeting organised by the Development Services Exchange (DSE) on Tuesday CSO members expressed their frustrations seeking answers as to why there was no consideration to their presentations to the Foreign Relations Committee in response to the Bipartisan report on China and Taiwan relationship.

CSOs  questioned DCGA leadership as to why they have defied the promises to follow a transparent and democratic process in the lead up to its decision in its diplomatic switch from Taiwan to China. CSOs are deeply concerned that the way events are unfolding are a clear testimony of how our democratic principles are hijacked by authoritarian leadership.

Its members also condemned the government’s behaviour in the way it deals with the China Taiwan Issue and are calling for a change in leadership in the DCGA government. 

“We demand a strong leadership, one that can listen, inclusive and transparent in its decision making.” 

CSOs in Western province have also expressed their frustration and are in support of the call for more transparent and inclusive decision making leadership.

The CSOs thanked the people of Taiwan for its 36 years of its journey with the people of Solomon Islands. Indeed Taiwan has been a true friend who respects and upholds the bilateral relationship its government has with the people of Solomon Islands. 

Meanwhile, the Civil Society Organisation (CSOs) also made a resolution at the meeting to stage a peaceful march next week with a call for a change in leadership in the DCGA government. 

- CSO press