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SICTU appeals for calm 

21 September 2019
SICTU National Secretary, Tony Kagovai.

SOLOMON Islands Council of Trade Unions (SICTU) is calling on all Trade Union Members and Workers throughout the country, to refrain from taking part in any plans or activities that can bring about social unrest in Solomon Islands.

The Trade Union peak body issued the statement through its National Secretary, Tony Kagovai following an extra ordinary meeting of the SICTU National Executive held in Honiara on Friday.

While at the same time, SICTU calls on the government to give priority to the need to manage the current escalating political situation in the country, following the government decision to switch diplomacy relations from the Republic of China or Taiwan, to the people’s Republic of China or Mainland China.

The Council of Trade Unions has also called on Civil Society groups particularly Church groups to refrain from issuing public statements that can easily incite people into taking violent actions particularly in Honiara and other Urban Centers in the Country.

The Trade Union Statement says that the Trade Union Movement is also advising International Trade Union bodies, of the escalating nature of the current political situation in the country.

“This is in case the situation in the country ignites into some form of social disruptions and the Trade Union in Solomon Islands urgently needs support from the International Trade Union Movement,” the SICTU statement says.

The SICTU Trade Union leaders also pledge to keep monitoring the situation and to hold constant consultations until the situation settles down.