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Local carvers upset with tour plan 

22 September 2019
One of the local Carvers from Rendova.

Local carvers from around Western province who usually gathered in Gizo to trade their carvings with tourists on board tourist boats were unsatisfied with recent transportation arraignments (by boat) which saw a drop in the number of their tourist clients.

According to some of the local carvers from Rendova Island and other parts of the Western Province, concerns have been raised on the matter.

They told Solomon Star Gizo that it is disappointing to see them coming from a far with their carvings with the aim to be sold.

“However, the turnout was not welcoming,” they said.

“We spent a lot of money to travel to Gizo with our art and crafts work but it turns out that the trading arrangement is very poor.”

“Only a few tourists bought our carvings,” the concerned carvers said.

In view of the concern raised, they said that they would like to see the provincial tourism office to assist them sell out their talents (arts and crafts).

“We want the provincial tourism office to help us find the market.

“It is very difficult for us, every time we travelled to Gizo and returning home with very little cash to support our family.

“Therefore, we want the provincial government to help set up a craft centre in Gizo so that we can spend days selling our works,” they stated.

They said that Western Province Government (WPG) should carefully look at the situation that affects those that travelled into Gizo from distant locations.

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