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Maelanga urges Suidana, Wale

03 October 2019
Manasseh Maelanga

Senior Malaita Government Minister and Member of Parliament for East Malaita Constituency Manasseh Maelanga has called on the Premier of Malaita Province Daniel Suidani to refrain from using the people of Malaita to drive his political agenda.

Mr Maelanga said that the premier’s use of language that are deemed as a way to manipulate the people’s mind is uncalled for.

“So as a Malaitan MP the Member of East Malaita Constituency wish to inform the Premier that all the decisions within the government are also made with the support of Malaitan Members of Parliament who are mandated by their people from their various constituencies,” he said.

Mr Maelanga further stated that the premier should work closely in consultation and dialogue with the government and especially the Members of Parliament from Malaita as the way forward.

He further clarified to the premier and to the people of Malaita that despite of the switch in diplomatic ties with the People’s Republic of China, the Government welcomes U.S support in the developmental projects of Malaita Province.

Maelanga also made a statement in response to the Opposition Leader’s report on the National Broadcaster on Tuesday when Matthew Wale called on the Prime Minister and said “Don’t play around with us Malaitans.”

Mr Maelanga stated that as a leader, Mr Wale must choose his words wisely and use appropriate language that reflects his status as a national leader, when making statements to the public.

“I also wish to call on the Opposition Leader to refrain from using propaganda to lure sympathies from the people to drive his own political interests,” he said.

Mr Maelanga further called on the Opposition Leader to respect the Governor General as the Head of State and to stop trying to lure the Governor General in any political issues.

“Despite of any political differences, the Governor General is the representative of the Queen, he is above politics and we must respect that,” he stated.

Mr Maelanga further called on every “good leaders and responsible citizens of this nation that the only way forward is for all to unite in peace and harmony as Solomon Islanders and support the work of the Government for the betterment of our country.”



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