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Young late Solo’s brother against breakaway moves 

03 October 2019
The Late Solomon Sunaone Mamaloni.

ALBERT Sunaone, the youngest brother of the late Prime Minister and Member of Parliament for West Makira, Solomon Sunaone Mamaloni, says he is against any moves   to break away from Solomon Islands by a group of Makira Ulawa Prominent leaders.

He echoed the sentiment in Kira Kira after the prominent leaders group held a public forum in efforts to gain people’s support following the Government’s decision to switch diplomatic ties from the Republic of China on Taiwan to the People’s Republic of China (Mainland China) September 16.

Sunaone says he advocates his late brother’s vision for Solomon Islands to stay united under the slogan ‘United We Stand, Divided We Fall’.

Sunaone, who is the Chairman of Ward 9 House of Chiefs, says the prominent leaders’ forum took advantage of the diplomatic switch to raise the concerns about the National Government neglecting the Makira Ulawa Province in terms of development in every aspect of the word.

He says some of the leaders have been Members of Parliament and the Makira Ulawa Provincial Assembly, but they failed to take the concerns of unfair distributions of services and developments to the National Government and the Makira Ulawa Provincial Government.

“To me, the prominent leaders are being reactionary. 

“I do not believe their notion that things would improve if the province became independent from Solomon Islands because they were in the positions to raise the concerns before, but they failed to do so. 

“I believe in people working hard to get what they want and not to rely on others”, says Sunaone.

in Kira Kira