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Kaitu’u: I’m still with govt

04 October 2019
Dr Kaituú Angikimua

SACKED minister Dr Tautai Angikimua Kaitu’u says he is still part of the Democratic Coalition Government for Advancement (DCGA).

In his Facebook post, he said it was now public knowledge that former Minister for Development, Planning and Aid Coordination Rick Hou and him were sacked because they opposed the switch from democratic Taiwan to China (PRC).

He posted in his own dialect, which was obtained by this paper and was translated into English by a member of his constituency.

In that post,he thanked his member colleagues for their understanding and he knows that most of them are with him in this issue.

“Just to clarify that I am not helping anyone to move any motion of ‘No Confidence’ and I do not have any plans to boycott the last parliament seating.

“These are some of the things that we’re used as part of the reasons for my sacking which is not true,” Dr Kaitu’u stated.

He further stated that his consensus on all these is clear now and he has a peace of mind.

“After all only God has the final say in everything we do,” he added.

On the 1st of October Kaitu’u publically revealed that he never thought that good people like the former Deputy Prime Minister John Maneniaru and other two former ministers would get sacked.

He also mentioned former Minister of Education and Human Resource John Dean Kuku, Rick Hou and former minister of police Lanelle Tanangada.

It’s understood that Tanangada resigned from her ministerial post ahead of her imminent sacking.

“We all have different opinions on certain matters but this does not mean we would govern together,” Dr Kaitu’u stated.

He further added that he has no grudges but was really disappointed why the prime minister has to remove some of the good leaders that can help him govern this country.

“I encourage my remaining colleague ministers to go ahead and govern our beautiful country with honesty and integrity.

“Remember we are only players on stage and God will always have the last say whatever we do in life and we’ll only know on the judgement day,” Kaitu’u stated in his post.




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