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04 October 2019

Obtained $76,000 from local pharmacy



A MAN who faked his death and allegedly obtained $76,000 from a local pharmacist is now in police custody.

Peter Fakaia of Malu’u, north Malaita, is facing one count of false pretence in relation to the alleged incidents between 21 and 26 September this year.

He was remanded on Wednesday in the Honiara Magistrates’ Court after police caught up with him. He returns to court today.

Prosecution alleged on 21 September 2019, about 4pm, Fakaia attended the People’s Pharmacy at Kwaimani building along Kukum Highway seeking medication.

He claimed his private part had swollen due to a recent circumcision.

The pharmacy owner, a trained pharmacist, having assessed Fakaia’s complaint gave him Flucoxacillin tablet in 500 gram to be taken daily for five days.

The following day, Fakaia called in again at the pharmacy, complaining of being allergic to the Flucoxacillin that was prescribed to him the previous day.

The pharmacy owner was not present at that time.

So his assistant gave Fakaia amoxylyn and advised him to see a doctor.

About 4pm of the same day, Fakaia called the pharmacy asking for any medication for allergy and later came in a blue Caldina car to collect the allergy drug.

On 23 September at about 8am, the pharmacy owner received a call through his office phone by a person who claimed to be Fakaia’s brother in-law.

The caller told him Fakaia has died after taking those medications given to him and that his body is in the morgue at the National Referral Hospital.

The caller then allegedly demanded a compensation of $10, 000 for the cause of the death.

The pharmacy owner gave $15,000 to two male persons who came and met him at the Sir Kausimae Building opposite the Panatina Plaza.

Soon after that, the pharmacy owner continues to receive calls for money for food for the accused’s relatives back home and for the accused’s two tribes.

In total, the pharmacy owner gave out $76,000 to the so-called relatives of the accused for his “death”.

It was on 26 September that the accused contacted the police after finally realising that he might have been set up by Fakaia.

The next day, police arrested a person who came to collect the last portion of money requested for the accused’s death.

The person upon questioning admitted that the whole scenario was a set up and organised by Fakaia.

Using the accused’s associates, police finally arrested the accused after halting him in his vehicle at the Ranadi round-about.

During the remand application, the court heard Fakaia also had a similar that is still outstanding, in which he allegedly obtained more than $2 million from another person.

That case was said to have occurred between 5 November 2017 and June 2019. 



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