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Wale stands by statement

04 October 2019
Opposition leader Matthew Wale


OPPOSITION leader Matthew Wale says he stands by his earlier statement that the government is trifling with Malaita. 

“The facts surrounding my earlier statement arising out of allegations raised by the Premier of Malaita Province are very clear,” Wale insisted.

“The premier was allegedly offered a bribe by a government minister, which he refused to accept and made a public statement on it,” he added.

“He was invited by the government through the Ministry of Provincial Government with no agenda for a meeting except that the PM wanted to see him; his delegation’s tickets, hotel accommodation and allowances were paid for by the government; but he was not accorded the meeting for which he was called.  

“This is trifling with Malaita. 

“There is no other way to describe it.”

The Aoke Langalanga MP stated this attitude of trifling with Malaita is made worse when offers of grants by the USA for national projects on Malaita have been put in jeopardy by the Prime Minister’s decision not to meet with US Vice President Mike Pence.

Wale further stated the PM didn’t want to meet the US Vice President so he avoided the United General Assembly Meeting in September. 

“The PM’s avoiding the US Vice President has put US grant offers in doubt following the switch in ties to Beijing and the recent US Bill in the US Senate that will limit assistance to countries that abandon Taiwan,” he added. 

Wale further stressed that the PM did not want the public and especially the people of Malaita to know about this.  

The Opposition leader however, refuted Manasseh Maelanga’s rebuttal statement on Wednesday and pointed out that East Malaita MP is being used by the PM against the interests of Malaita. 

“Malaitan MPs should carefully consider their support for the PM if they want to see meaningful investment in national projects in Malaita.  

“These are the issues that Maelanga as an MP from Malaita should reflect on and not to allow himself to be used by the PM,” Wale said.