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Role of teachers crucial, says SINTA chief

05 October 2019
Naha Community High School teachers join in the celebrations to mark World Teachers Day.

THE role of teachers in the formative years of children is crucial, Solomon Islands National Teachers Association (SINTA) president Andy Tosasi says.

He was speaking at World Teachers Day celebration in Honiara, Friday.

“To sustain the endeavour of the children’s education development, SINTA needs motivated and dedicated young teachers,” Tosasi said.

“The new and young teachers need mentoring,” he added.

“They need induction program in their transition into their skills, competence and confidences.”

Tosasi said young teachers need an early and adequate learning and development program in our schools.

The SINTA boss said young teachers must not be deprived of proper advice and guidance and given time to observe and reflect and learn from their teaching.

“The quality of school leaderships, cultures, expectations, education authorities, SINTA, senior teachers and Ministry of Education Humanity Resources Development (MEHRD) must collaborate together to equip our young teachers.”

Tosasi said he believes that if teachers across the country could work together and share insight with other teachers, then obstacles for young teachers would be reduced.

However, he stressed that education must remain dynamic to face the realities in the future and shape communal destiny and this can only be achieved through innovation.

Tosasi points out those professional teachers should be role models for young teachers so that all can achieve education that is affordable for children across the nation.

“I want all young teachers to soar high by meeting the criteria for the theme of this year ‘Young teachers the future professions’.

“Teachers need not to depend on pilot projects, but to to break through the systematic reforms.”

The SINTA president appeals to non-SINTA members to join the union to help improve their numerical strength.

“SINTA is a legitimate body here to advocate and negotiate with the government on matters concerning the welfares of teachers,” he said.




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