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05 October 2019
Malaita Premier Daniel Suidani

Suidani: I’ve no personal agenda

in Auki


MALAITA premier Daniel Suidani says he has no personal political agenda.

He was responding to East Malaita MP Manasseh Maelanga, who accused the premier of driving his personal political ambition in the current China switch.

“Let me assure Malaitans that I have no personal political agenda,” Suidani told the Solomon Star in an interview.

“My stand on the China switch is a reflection of the wishes of the people of Malaita,” he added.

“We are voted by the people to represent their interest, and in this context, we should represent the interest of the people of Malaita Province.

"This is just what I am doing for our people; representing their interest, and represent their interest should be my paramount role.

"My call for us to work together should not be a call at the first place should the national MPs take the first step as leaders and come down for a dialogue with our MPAs before voting for the switch to China.

"It is clear that our people do not want the switch to China.

"As leader of our beloved Malaita, who do you think I should represent since our people don't want the switch, for sure I will represent our people of Malaita.

"The rush decision by Caucus to vote in favour of China switch has raised goose-bumps to Malaitans who have never heard about the switch during the political campaigned by Malaita MPs voting for the switch. 

"There are two MPAs from each of the Malaita 14 constituencies in the Provincial Government where the national MPs can work together with.

"If only the Malaita national MPs can call them now and ask them about how the people in their respective wards think and feel about the switch to China, then I am sure they will tell you the truth that our people back home that we claim to have represented don't like the China switch."

Suidani said now that the national MPs fail to consult the constituency they claimed to have represented, the provincial government through its MPA will conduct consultation in the 33 Wards in Malaita and collect an accurate figure about what people think about the switch and the way forward for Malaita.

"If the figure collected shows majority of Malaitans against the switch then Malaita will seek a way forward for its people.

"We are waiting for Malaita politicians to show the way forward for their people, but it take too long and our people are struggling and lagging behind as a result.

"A province with most of the MPs in parliament lacks political will behind its development ideas has frustrated the Malaita public for the past 40 years.

"Auki wharf and Auki market the only two major developments that took place in Auki were funded by Japan and not the national government.

"When it comes to education, there is no government national secondary school in Malaita Province, the province that makes up almost half the population of the country.

"Kilu'ufi hospital which service the largest population in the country has not been upgraded over the years, and it is sad to see Malaitans still seeking medical attention in Honiara and Gizo.

"The national projects earmarked for Malaita province have failed to eventuate over the years, which is a clear sign of lack of political will from the national MPs to drive these projects.

"In a nut shell, one can say that the government has not been serious about developing Malaita province.

 "To see senior Malaita MPs defending the government leadership style by trying to convince the people of Malaita to believe the China switch was in the best interest of Malaitans is propaganda that the wise people of Malaita will not easily settled for."

The premier said the call for MPAs to work together with Malaita national MPs is a slap on the face of the Malaita public knowing perfectly none of the 14 MPs from Malaita attended the 36th Malaita Provincial Day celebration to show support and willingness to work together with the current Provincial Government.

He said when the time and timing is right; Malaita will show to the country and the rest of the world that Malaita needs right leaders who are willing to put the interest of its people first.

Only then, the premier believes Malaita Province will achieve real development and prosperity that Malaitans have been denied over the years.

He said the current Malaita Provincial Government has the ears to listen to its people’s wishes.

Working together with the Malaita citizens to achieve their interest, which is supposedly, should be their leaders' interest is the way forward for Malaita to achieve prosperity in harmony.

He said the challenge ahead for Malaita leaders is to come together as one people with the same interest.



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