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Plastic-like substance found in rice

06 October 2019
The brown plastic rice grains found mixed in with the white rice grains.

Rice consumers in Malaita province are calling on responsible authorities to ensure businesses in the country are selling quality and genuine products to consumers nationwide.

The call was made amidst a recent discovery of plastic-like substances in a Mamie rice bag sold in Auki. 

Clayton Ata who discovered a plastic like grain in a bag of Mamie rice last week told the Sunday Star that brown grains found in the rice bag he bought is clearly not rice grain but plastic. 

"The grain is brown in color and is totally different from the white grains.

"When cooked the two grains taste differently," he said.

Mr Ata said after discovering the plastic like substance in the bag, he usually separate the grains from the bag before cooking the white grains for his family meal.

"The brown grain tastes unusual and I don't think they are rice grains."

"After separating white grains rice from the brown grains rice in the same bag, I found out that the brown grain weight amounts for about 2kg in the 20kg bag," he said.

With that, he said Mamie rice distributor in the country must explain the unusual brown plastic like grain found in the rice product they sold.

In Auki