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Horrific act

07 October 2019

A MENTALLY-ill person who attempted to chop off his private part and neck was saved in time after he was found unconscious covered with blood.

This horrific incident occurred at Titiana village in West Gizo, Western province.

Reports reaching Solomon Star Gizo said that the incident occurred around 3pm.

Speaking to the Solomon Star in an interview at the Gizo hospital, a relative of the victim said since yesterday morning they were trying to locate the victim but couldn’t find him as he was out roaming along the road and into the nearby bushes at the Titiana.

She said in the afternoon, her children were on the way into the bush to cut some sago palm leaves.

It was on their way back when they saw the man lying beside the road with blood covered all over his trousers and body.

“He was lying motionless and was unconscious on the ground. The children were shocked to see him covered with a knife besides him,’’ she added.

She said one of the boys quickly ran back to the village to call for help. The victim was quickly rushed to the Gizo hospital where he is currently undergoing medical observation.

The victim who is said be suffering from mental illness for sometimes was released on Friday from the Malakerava Correctional Service Centre.

He was jailed for the burning of the old Gizo Hospital in July 2016.

Its unclear whether his action was an attempt to commit suicide or not given is poor mental condition.

The victim is now under medical observation and treatment.