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More Japanese volunteers to arrive 

09 October 2019
The 8 volunteers that left early this month.

FOUR Japanese volunteers under the Japanese International Corporation Agency (JICA) program are expected to arrive in the country in December to replace some of the outgoing volunteers.

JICA Program Officer James Niaseka said following the return of the 8 volunteers early this month, plans are in place to replace some of them by December.

“The names of the volunteers are yet to be released as well as where about they will be posted but it was confirmed that four of them will be here by December,” he said. 

Niaseka said after arrival of the four volunteers, others would come later as arrangements are ongoing between the officials of the two countries.

Meanwhile, he said the recent completion and return of the 8 volunteers indicated the biggest number of volunteers ever participated at a given same time frame.

“From the feedback we had, the program was really an encouraging one for both the Japanese and the rural Solomon Islanders in terms of the exchange of experience they have with the local people and how they share their knowledge and culture together,” he said.

Niaseka said currently, the number of environment education volunteers in Japan is increasing and that any ministries or organisations who are interested should contact the JICA office to make an official request.