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Malaita Care Centre appeals for support

09 October 2019
Sister Doreen speaking on air at the Paoa FM studios, speaking about the fencing project.

The newly built Malaita Care Centre operating under the Anglican Church of Melanesia (ACoM) in Auki, Malaita province appeals for support to build a fence around the centre.

One of the founders of the Care Centre Sister Doreen Awaiasi said the Care Centre is the second centre being established under ACoM.

It became operational late last year and is expected to be fully completed by this month.

She told this paper that the fencing of the centre is the last and very important part of the project that is yet to be completed.

Therefore she appeals to individuals and business houses to help in whatever way they can to help complete the fence around the centre so that their clients can be safe and secured when taking shelter at the centre.

Sister Doreen explained the centre started last year after they saw the need to take care of women and children being affected by domestic violence.

“We started by raising funds by organising a number of fundraising activities and selling of raffle tickets.

“Since then it has provided a good service to clients from different places all over Malaita and people started to realize the importance of the safety of women and children who are victims of violence,” she said.

She highlighted the fencing part of the centre is very important for the safety of the victims of taking shelter at the center from the perpetrators.

“Because we have experienced perpetrators entering the centre and trying to threaten our clients due to lack of fencing,’’ she said.  

As part of their fundraising effort an envelope will be issued out to companies and organisations by the fundraising committee to support the fencing project.

“There’s no fix amount to donate but depends on how much they want to give from their hearts,” said sister Doreen.

She also thanked those who have supported the Malaita Care Centre committee in the past fundraising activities to complete the centre.