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Baegu chiefs to block China projects

17 October 2019
Baegu Asifola Council of Chiefs after their meeting. [Photo: Rowin Ramo]

Baegu Asifola Council of Chiefs have agreed to block any China funded project to enter Baegu Asifola electorate in Malaita province. 

Chiefs from Baegu Asifola on Saturday 12 October 2019 met and discussed the recent switch of political switch of ties from Taiwan to China at Urutao market . 

At the meeting all the chiefs who attended the meeting agreed they are not supporting the government’s rush switch from Taiwan to China. 

According to Ward 11 Member of Provincial Assembly Elijah Asilaua he said the chiefs have signed a document where they all agreed that no China funded project should enter Baegu Asifola.

Mr. Asilaua said 20 chiefs representing different tribes in Baegu Asifola signed the document declaring their unwillingness to support the switch of diplomatic ties.

“The chiefs will not allow any China funded project to be implemented in their customary land,” he said. 

He said the purpose of the meeting is to hear the views of Baegu Asifola people back home about the China switch where they totally disagreed with the action taken by the government of the day to support the switch.

Also attending the meeting was the former MP for Baegu Asifola David Tome, MPA for Ward 11 and tribal chiefs from Baegu Asifola electorate. 

The one-day consultation meeting ended on the same day where a resolution was reached and signed by the President of Baegu Asifola Council of chiefs Stephen Kete and other 19 chiefs.

Mr. Asilaua said meeting was held purposely to inform people back home about the China switch which they totally oppose.  



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