RSIPF arrests eleven people for various allegations in Choiseul Province  - Solomon Star News

RSIPF arrests eleven people for various allegations in Choiseul Province 

17 October 2019

Officers of the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) in Choiseul Province have arrested 11 people within the last eight days for various allegations.

The arrests were made between 9 and 16 October 2019 after police gathered evidence for nine reported cases.

Provincial Police Commander (PPC) for Choiseul Province, Superintendent Vincent Eria explains: “Of the eleven people, one person is for simple larceny (theft), another person for possession of marijuana (Indian Hemp) and another person for damage to properties. They were released on bail to appear in the Taro Magistrates Court later this week.”

 “Four cases are still being investigated before arrests would be made. These cases include one for domestic violence, one for assault causing actual bodily harm and two cases for damage to properties. While there are four cases for arson with more than ten people implicated as suspects, but so far only four people were arrested. These cases date back to 2015 and 2016. Police on a number of occasion police tried to arrest some of the suspects, but they evaded and hid from police,” says PPC Eria.

“These allegations carry hefty penalties. For example in possession of marijuana it carries a maximum penalty of $2,000.00 fine or imprisonment of ten years, while for arson (burning of building) carries a maximum penalty of life imprisonment.”   

“I would like to thank members of the communities who assisted my officers making our work easy. This shows how the people of Choiseul want to stop crime in our communities to ensure a safer and peaceful Province.” 

PPC Eria appeals for more support from communities in providing information so that those wanted by police for long outstanding cases like the arson cases, surrender themselves to police or relatives and community members who know their whereabouts assist the police.