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Census Commissioner told officers to give their best

21 October 2019
Douglas Kimi.

The country’s Census Commissioner and Government Statistician, Douglas Kimi has urged officers recruited for the upcoming national population census to take pride of the opportunity and give their best to gather accurate, credible and reliable data.

Commissioner Kimi made the statement in his remarks to officially open the two weeks census supervisors and enumerators training in Honiara, Monday 14.

He told the officers that they should be proud that they have been given an opportunity to serve the country in such an important exercise and therefore they should give their best.

Addressing the supervisors and enumerators for Honiara City at the Census Office Conference room in Honiara, the Census Commissioner urged the participants to strictly adhere to all the guidelines for the census and ensure that the exercise of counting people is done in a way that will yield accurate, credible and reliable data.

“Pay attention to all the instructions given and ensure that you apply to the questionnaire form what is required of you,” Mr Kimi urged the participants for Honiara city.

Mr Kimi also urged the officers to make the most of the training since what they learn in the training will be required during field operation.

The Commissioner then emphasised the two legislations that guided the National Statistics Office/Census Office in its national undertaking. They are; the Statistics Act 1970 (Amendments 2007), and the Census Act 1959. These legislations mandated the Office to compile and disseminate official statistics of the Solomon Islands.

He told the officers to perform their work with integrity since they are duty bound under these legislations.

At the same time, he urged the census officers to take great care of all the census materials that will be issued to them after the training and must perform their onus with honesty.

The census will be conducted from 4th November to 8th December, 2019.

The government uses the data collected during the exercise for planning of development programmes. The data is also used by National and International agencies to inform critical decisions on diverse issues.

The two weeks training will end on 25 October.

Source: Census/SINSO Media