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Minister launches consultation paper on Public Order Offences 

22 October 2019
Commissioner Ruth Liloqula hands over the consultation paper to the Minister of Justice and Legal Affairs Makario Tagini. [Photo: LACHLAN EDDIE]

THE Minister for Justice and Legal Affairs Makario Tagini has launched the Law Reform Commission (LRC) consultation paper on Public Order Offences, Monday.

The launch of the consultation paper marks the beginning of awareness raising and public consultations by the LRC for the enquiry.

The paper is part of the review of the Penal Code [Cap 26] and the Criminal Procedure Code (Cap 7) Reference that the LRC is undertaking. 

The paper covers the law that applies to offences aimed at protecting the safety and security of the public and the government. 

The offences include: treason, sedition, unlawful society, spreading false rumours, unlawful assembly, rioting, unlawful drilling, going armed in public, nuisances, status offences, obscene articles, prostitution, criminal trespass, alcohol and kwaso, affray, and other offences against the state. 

The paper raises issues as to the relevance of the offences, appropriateness of penalties and seeks to hear, get or gather from stakeholders other options to deal effectively with the prohibited conducts.  

During the launch, the Minister urged everyone, including the government ministries, the non-state actors, churches, communities, men, women and youths, to take time and participate in the law reform exercise. 

Participating in the law reform exercise allows for the people to know about the law and at the same time they can share their informed views about the law and how it should be reformed to reflect the fast changing society.