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Power of faith

01 November 2019
School Principal Gravis Kwaigali delivers his key note address.

MOUNT Horeb community high school in East Honiara has celebrated its 13th school graduation ceremony yesterday based on a theme ‘Power of Faith.’

School principal Gravis Kwaigali Kaliuae in his key note address said one can only understand the theme only if he or she knows the meaning of faith.

Mr Kaliuae said when trying to find the meaning, he was so fortunate to came across a profound piece about faith in the diary of non-other but the founder of the school himself, late John Maetia in one of his addresses to his teaching staff in 2011. 

“The piece clearly defines faith and in a way shows the demonstrated power of faith and I quote;

“All my life I have walked and advance in faith my unwavering faith in God allows me to build this school with no capital. I prayed and worked hard all day for over 6 years even without pay but God rewarded me and the government recognise my service for the country and they paid me later.

“Faith is trusting God without even understanding his plans for you, faith is believing it will happen even when there are no signs that it will happen, faith is assurance, confidence and trust.”

He said the piece also touches on Biblical stories where by faith Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego were thrown in the fire but they never get burnt and by faith Moses prays and manner falls from Heaven thus able to fee thousands of Israelites in the desert.

Mr Kailiuae said the smiles of joy from the students, teachers and parents’ faces should reminds everyone that the graduation marked the manifestation of the power of faith and hard work which is success.

“For us teachers and the school administration, despite waves of imaginative, distorted, criticisms, complain and unfounded allegations labelled against us by few weak pessimist and liabilities within and outside our circles, together with faith we overcome our challenges and difficulties, gaining significant experiences and come out stronger like ever before.

“Thus, looking back we have all the reason to smile and celebrate as our MV Mt Horeb has finally reached its final destination safe and sound,” he added. 

He then told graduands that the occasion marked their unwavering faith, determination and success especially for the past 6 and 9 long difficult and hardworking years.

“Today you have achieved a milestone in your academic journey. You have all the right to celebrate in style but let me remind you don’t get carried away it’s just the beginning.

“You have a long way to go, nevertheless it is so important that such achievements lays the foundation for more bigger achievements in the future in your academic journey until you achieve your lifelong goals,” he added